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ANYDOKO Mia-cafe report.
We visited a Maid Café in Tokyo and things got kawaii

Free Wi-Fi, Ethernet Cables, and Outlet Use!
Free Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable connections (via LAN) and electrical outlets!
In Mia Cafe Tokyo store, each table is provided with electrical outlets as well as an ethernet cable to connect your laptop to.
All wall seats are equipped with electrical outlets near the edge of your seat for easy access.
If you need the wifi password, please ask one of our maids.

Please feel free to use these services while relaxing in our cafe!
Table charge 500 yen
Your table charge helps us maintain a becquerel-free environment.

Charge: 500 yen per 90min visit

To provide a safe meal, the cooking water we used is mineral water from western Japan, or filtered by RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane) by a high performance water purifier filter.

As for our food, we strive as much as we can to provide meals that use ingredients coming from Western Japan.

In order to support keep providing for our policy, we charge our customers a 500 yen table charge per 90min visit.

We thank you for your cooperation.

More about the prevention of radioactive ingredients in our maid cafe → http://27.pro.tok2.com/~mia/menu/inf10.cgi?mode=main&cno=73 (In Japanese only)

If you have our VIP card, the table charge will be free.

・Social Media Campaign:
If you upload a picture to social media of the drink, food, dessert, bromide, OR Polaroid photo you ordered at Mia Cafe, your 500 yen table charge will be free! Please show our staff your post!
・At least one of the items above must be ordered.
・You must take the picture of your order on top of your table.
・f you're taking a picture of a maid's bromide or Polaroid, make sure the staff is ok with her picture on the internet.
・Make sure your twitter account is unlocked or Facebook post is set to public.
・Please tag your post as #miacafe or #miakafe
Drink Menu
New drinks have appeared on our menu!

●Special Drinks

[New!] Cappuccino (with drawing by a maid) 800 yen
[New!] Rich Cream Caramel 800 yen
[New!] Rich Cream Chocolate 800 yen

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

●Soft drinks

■Coffee ■
・Coffee iced 500 yen
・Coffee hot 600 yen

・Cafe au lait (iced) 600 yen

■Tea ■
・Tea (iced / hot) 600 yen
・Milk tea (iced / hot) 600 yen
・Oolong tea (iced) 600 yen
・[New!] Green tea (iced / hot) 600 yen

■Flavored Tea ■
・Earl Grey 600 yen
・Lemon & Mango 600 yen
・Rose Hip & Hibiscus 600 yen
・Peach 600 yen
・Blueberry 600 yen
・Strawberry 600 yen
・[New!] Apple Tea 600 yen
・[New!] Muscat Tea 600 yen
・[New!] Maple Tea 600 yen

■ Soda/Other ■
・Ginger Ale 600 yen
・Cola 600 yen
・Cola Zero (Diet Cola) 600 yen
・Soda 600 yen
・Skal 600 yen
・LifeGuard 600 yen
・Acerola Cherry 600 yen
・CALPIS Soda 600 yen
・Cocoa (iced / hot) 600 yen

■Milk ■
・Iced milk 600 yen
・Hot milk 600 yen
・[New!] Green Tea Latte ( iced / hot) 600 yen

■100% Juice ■
・100% Grape juice 600 yen
・100% Grapefruit juice 600 yen
・100% Apple juice 600 yen
・100% Orange juice 600 yen
・100% Pineapple juice 600 yen

☆ Options ☆
・Float (Iced drinks only) + 200 yen

Our maids will come to your table and put milk and sugar in your drink according to your preference.

(For coffee, tea, iced tea, and iced coffee)
Another Cup Card Game
If you make an additional drink order, you can get an "another cup game card". Choose your favorite maid to play the game with! You can then get a card with the waitresses' photo.
The card is also a discount coupon. Please enjoy this service by all means!

[How To Play]
After your order an additional drink the maid you choose will bring three "another cup game" cards to your table. She will shuffle the cards and then you can pick one of them.
She will then draw or write a message on the card.
(Depending on how crowded the store is, there are times when the maid may have you pick cards during your final checkout.)

[Types of Cards]

The back side of the cards: There are 3 types (100 yen discount coupon, 50 yen discount coupon, a miss).
The discount is written on the right side of the card.
The probability of the cards is 1/3, you will get one of these three types.

The cover side of cards: Only one type, which is a Mia relaxation 100 yen discount coupon.
(You can use the Mia Relaxation discount coupon on weekdays only)

【 Attention 】
The discount is only effective on the day you receive the card.
Please show the cards at the cash register when you pay.
After you pay, we will stamp your cards and put them back to you.
Please take it home as a memory from our shop!

The "another cup card game" only applies to the drink menu.
More on our game here → http://www5f.biglobe.ne.jp/~miacafe/okawari.html (In Japanese only)

Mia Cafe's "another cup game" cards can be used in Mia Relaxation.

The discount coupon for Mia Relaxation is printed on the front of Mia Cafe's "another cup game" cards.

After relaxing in Mia Cafe, how about a massage in Mia Relaxation?

【Maximum Discount】 You can use up to 10 discount cards on the same time and day. For Example: (100 yen discount coupon x 10 pieces = 1000 yen discount coupon)
【Available for Use On】Weekdays from 12:00-22:00. (The cards cannot be used during weekend hours.)

【 Attention 】
When you use the game cards as Mia Relaxation discount coupon, we will stamp the front side of the cards.
The cards will be returned to you after they are used in Mia Relaxation. The cost discounted by these coupons cannot be transferred into points.
Examples of "another cup game card game" discounts
Examples of "another cup game card game" discounts:
Example 1:
 Soft Drink (first order) + Soft Drink (additional order) = Get an "another cup game" card

Example 2:
 Soft Drink (first order) + Food (additional order) = No "another cup game" card

Example 3:
 Soft Drink (first order) + Alcohol (additional order) = Get an "another cup game" card

More details here → http://www5f.biglobe.ne.jp/~miacafe/okawari.html (In Japanese)
Maid's Photographs
One waitress (maid)'s photograph 300 yen

We are selling photographs of the waitresses in our shop.
Between the smoking and non-smoking seats, there is a white shelf containing a file of the photos.
Please feel free to take a look!

Additionally, if you purchase a photo of a waitress who is in the store on that day, she can sign the photo for you!

Please let our maids know if you would like to purchase a photo!
Polaroid Photographs 500 yen
How about taking a Polaroid instant photograph together with your favorite maid?

Or, you can personally take a picture of your favorite maid!

※ It costs 500 yen to take a photo with one waitress.

※ If you want more than two waitresses in your photo, it will cost 500 yen per maid.

※ Please refrain from asking for poses that the waitress is uncomfortable with.
Alcohol Menu \1000 yen each
Imported bottles of beer

Heineken (Dutch)
Guinness (Ireland)
Qingdao (China)
Corona Extra (Mexico)
Budweiser (U.S.)

【 Attention 】
You must be of legal drinking age.
You cannot drive after drinking.
There may be cases where we will ask for identification to confirm your age.
Curry menu 900 yen each
・Beef Curry (served daily)
・Butter Chicken Curry (served daily)

・Daily Curry (This menu changes daily)
Green Curry
Black Curry
Red Curry
Yellow Curry
White Curry
Keema Curry
Mincedmeat Curry
Hayashi Rice

※Please check with our cafe to see the daily menu!

☆ Option ☆
・Large serving + 200 yen
◇Hamburger Steak Plate ◇ 1000 yen each
☆ Please take note before ordering ☆
Hamburgers will take about 20 minutes to cook.

・European Demi-glace Sauce
・Japanese-style Mushroom Sauce
・Mustard Sauce
・Miso Sauce
・Garlic Sauce
・Tomato Sauce
・Cream Stew Sauce

☆Option ☆
・A large serving of rice is 200 yen extra.

☆About a hamburger steak of Mia cafe ☆

Our customers tell us that Mia Cafe's hamburger steak is delicious!
All of our staff have come together to create many different styles of Hamburger steak.
Since there is many varieties of sauce, each hamburger has a distinct taste!

Our hamburger plate includes:
Our signature hamburger is paired with steaming hot rice and consommé soup.
The juicy and tender meat of our hamburger steak is something that our cafe takes pride in!
◇Light food ◇
・Caesar Salad (limited amount) 600 yen
・[NEW!] Japanese Riceball (Onigiri) 600 yen
・French Fries ¥600 yen

☆Please take note before ordering☆
French fries will take about 15 minutes to prepare.
◇Dessert ◇
[Daily Cake]
(There will be two different types of cakes daily)

・Strawberry and Blueberry Cake 800 yen
・Fondant Chocolate (with vanilla ice cream) 800 yen
・Apple Pie (with vanilla ice cream) 800 yen
・Cookies & Cream Cheesecake 800 yen
・Black tea Chiffon Cake 800 yen
・New York Cheesecake 800 yen

・Chocolate Cake 600 yen
・Mille Crepe 600 yen
・Strawberry Cake ¥600 yen

[Ice Cream]
・Vanilla Ice cream (three scoops) 600 yen
・(Toppings: Plain / Caramel / Chocolate / Honey / Rainbow Sprinkles)
Mia Cafe VIP Card: 12000 yen or 10 completed point cards!
If you have a VIP card, there is no table charge!

Please show your Mia Cafe VIP card during checkout, and your table charge will be gree!

How to get a Mia Cafe VIP card:

・VIP cards are able for purchase for 12,000 yen. (We recommend this option for masters who have just started coming to our cafe!)
・ Exchange 10 point cards and receive a VIP card! (Please hand over your point cards to one of our waitresses.)

If you have a Mia Cafe VIP card, you will only need to pay for your order. We recommend the VIP card in order for you to feel even more relaxed in our cafe! Mia Cafe is a perfect environment for getting work done or playing handheld games!

・Only the purchaser of the card will be able to use it, no exceptions.
・The VIP card has no expiration date.
・Please show your VIP card at checkout.
・Even if you lose your VIP card, it cannot be re-issued. Please be careful.
Mia-cafe inside the shop
2F Mia Relaxation and Photo
How would you like to be massaged by one of our maids?

Mia Relaxation Courses:
Cost: All courses are 1,500 yen for 10 minutes
・Hand Reflexology
・Arm Care
・Shoulder care
・Waist care
Choose the courses that you would like every 10 minutes to create the perfect course catered for you!
(Example: Hand reflexology 20 minutes + Shoulder care 30 minutes + Eye care 10 minutes = Total 60 minutes)
More details on Mia Relaxation here → http://www.mif-lr.com/ (In Japanese only)

The reception desk of Mia Relaxation Tokyo is located on the second floor of our building.
Near the cash register, you can see the pictures of which maids are ready to provide the relaxation course for you.
Additionally, you can check on our website. Please click on "Staff's attendance schedule", then click "Mia Relaxation 2nd floor" in order to view which maids are available to serve you.

We welcome you to take a break at Mia Relaxation after you have visited Mia Cafe!